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  • Skin care products

    Anti-ageing home care - perform professional skin care at home with dermaOXY skin care products.
    NO parabens have been added to the products.

  • Oxygen treatment

    dermaOXY oxygen treatment - An Effective Danish anti-ageing treatment that works together with your body to drastically reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

Boost your skin

Our treatment boosts your skin with moisturising serum and pure oxygen, which tightens and smoothes the skin. dermaOXY is part of the future of skin care, with products for both skin and hair that can be used by both sexes. A lift that uses well-known ingredients together with oxygen.

The oxygen treatment is performed at a beauty clinic; find your nearest clinic here: Clinics

Advantages of using dermaOXY products

No surgical intervention
Visible effect in just 20 minutes
Ingredients that optimise the skin, increase the production of collagen and elastin
A beautiful look as a result
No injections

What is dermaOXY?

dermaOXY is a Danish brand, developed, tested and produced in Denmark. Launched in 2009 and benefits many beauticians. Today, we are in approx. 140 clinics in Denmark and in 23 export markets across the world, from Scandinavia, the EU, and all the way to the United States and South America..

dermaOXY’s treatments and care products supply skin and scalp with moisture with the active hyaluronic acid, a large amount of antioxidants, and an active vitamin supply that activates the skin’s own cell and collagen production.

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dermaOXY treatments are only performed by specially selected beauticians, hairdressers, therapists, wellness spas, skin care specialists, and doctors. The creams, which can be used at home, can only be bought at these locations. Click on “read more” to find a clinic near you that performs dermaOXY treatments.

Become a distributor

We are constantly trying to establish agreements across borders. Read more about dermaOXY here and contact us if you want to offer your customers the latest treatment in skincare – at a price the customer can afford to pay.