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dermaOXY is a brand of MedicTinedic ApS and offers skin care products developed and produced in Denmark that restore the health of the skin and prevent wrinkles and dry skin with natural ingredients.

dermaOXY treatments and care products supply skin and scalp with moisture thanks to the active hyaluronic acid, a large amount of antioxidants, and an active vitamin supply that activates the production of skin cells and collagen.

The development of products started in 2007 and they were introduced to the Danish market in 2009. Today, the dermaOXY treatment and our cream products are used in 23 countries.

We highly evaluate the structure of the skin, and our products show that anti-aging can be done without cosmetic surgery. That is why we use oxygen – pure oxygen – in our treatment that delays the skin aging process and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

dermaOXY is part of the future of skin care, and you will notice a difference already after the first treatment. Pamper your skin and feel the difference yourself by getting the treatment at one of the many clinics that use dermaOXY.


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We are constantly looking for partners and distributors in Europe and the rest of the world. Read more about dermaOXY and our oxygen treatment concept here and contact us if you are interested in representing dermaOXY in your market.


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