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DermaOXY Set: Day, Night & Eye cream

DermaOXY Set: Day, Night & Eye cream

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dermaOXY cremer  DERMAOXY Set: Day, Night & Eye cream

    A DermaOXY set with Day, Night & Eye cream a perfect collection skin care product to protect, regenerate and ensure a healthy looking skin. These creams are all designed for daily use with various purposes.

Day cream protects and moisturizes the skin through the daytime, day cream has a large amount of antioxidants which protects againts free radicals.

Night cream is an effective restorative cream applied before bedtime to optimize the skin's regeneration while we sleep.

Eye cream is designed to moisturize the skin around the eye but also counteract darkspots undernethe the eye as well as fine lines around the eye.


The box includes:



DAY: apply every morning on clean skin. For optimal effect use dermaOXY HYDRA before using DAY cream. Apply a thin layer on face, neck and decollete.

NIGHT: use every evening before going to sleep on clean skin. For optimal effect perform treatment with dermalRollings with INTENSIVE serum before using NIGHT cream.

EYE: use morning and evening on clean skin. The Eye cream is applied in a thin layer under the eye. Avoid contact with the eye itself.

- The creams are suitable for all skin types.


DERMAOXY products does not contain parabens

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Produkter er naturlige og ikke tilsat parabener


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