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DermaOXY Set: dermalRollings & INTENSIVE Serum + Hydra Creme

DermaOXY Set: dermalRollings & INTENSIVE Serum + Hydra Creme

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dermaOXY facewash  DERMAOXY SET:

A dermaOXY set with dermalRollings, INTENSIVE Serum and Hydra cream is for you who wants to preform the ultimate hometreatment.Roll dermalRollings on the desired area, and then apply INTENSIVE serum.All the microchannels created by the roll, lets the skin absorb the serum 100 times better. 

Let the INTENSIVE serum slowly asorb into the skin, and than apply hydra cream, which moisturizes and nourishes the out skinlayer. It could variete on how long it takes for the serum to be absorbed in the skin, but we recommend to let the process of absorption of the INTENSIVE Serum to be at least 5 minutes. 


Follow the treatment guide in the dermalRollings box, or follow the instructions on the treatment side.


>> Link to dermalRollings Intensive treatmentguide


DERMAOXY products does not contain parabens

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